Private Detective Investigations Broward. Universal Investigations Agency, Inc. has certified crime scene technicians on staff to process any scene or incident. We are available to take fingerprints and compare them to potential suspects, as well as match genetic materials for content or blood type. Universal Investigations also has a surveillance team available that can provide you with video and photographic evidence of any location, subject at large, or crime scene. On numerous occasions, Universal Investigations has been called for private investigations in a crisis management capacity to process a scene where a client does not want to contact the police department.

During a divorce children are often times caught in a “tug of war” struggle between parents. Our private investigators limit the stress by assisting you in uncovering the truth. Our private investigators document evidence of a negligent parent or a new significant other. Our thorough investigation will provide you with answers about your child’s safety and welfare. The evidence obtained by our private investigators can show parental irresponsibility. This is crucial when proving to the court that you deserve to be an intricate part of your children’s lives. Don’t wait until it is too late to discover the other parent is exposing your children to avoidable hazards. Universal Investigations Agency, Inc. Incorporate some of the following techniques into child custody investigations:

  • Interviews and sworn statements of each parent and their children

  • Inspections of the involved party’s residences

  • Observations of each parent and their children

  • Identification and interview of residents living inside the home

  • Interviews with neighbors, friends, and family

  • Gather additional information in reference to school attendance and performance

  • Comprehensive background checks on all parties involved

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