Private Detectives Miami Broward County Florida. Our Private Investigators are experienced professionals who have a proven track record assisting attorneys- from gathering witness statements, locating key individuals, and gathering evidence in preparation for discovery; to preparing evidence for trial and serving as key professional witnesses. Our team specializes in utilizing our expertise and resources to search databases, manage evidence, and collect and organize the large volumes of raw information demanded by major litigation in preparation for trial.

Universal Investigations Agency can offer you the leverage you need to make strategic advantages in your discovery and litigation proceedings to best represent your clients. In sum, our private investigators ensure that all avenues are pursued- and all evidence, information, interviews, documentation, and connections are thoroughly gathered to aid the efforts of your attorneys and/ or firm. Highly trained and experienced litigation support investigators are a necessary legal resource when it comes to establishing and documenting the facts surrounding a case.

What can we do for you?

Universal Investigations Agency, Inc.’s litigation support services can range from legal research, to the evaluation of property. From determining the extent of damages incurred in an accident or injury, to retrieving documents and even forensic services to trace out fraud, waste, and abuse in financial activities as well as subject presence at a particular scene, or the determination of probable cause or fabricated evidence.

Preparing Data:
We understand that locating and maintaining electronic evidence takes time, diligence and effort. Our proprietary databases give us access from everything from vehicle siting reports to property records, to the location of next of kin- granting your firm access to information far beyond the public record. 

Locating Key Witnesses and Collecting Recorded Statements:
Our investigators can find anyone- Yes, you read that correctly. We can locate virtually anyone using our specialized investigative methods and pretexting techniques. With our wide network of associates and process servers, we can assist you in subpoenaing even the most evasive witnesses, defendants, plaintiffs, and investigators. Our investigators additionally excel in building rapport with even the most hostile subjects, maintaining a friendly discourse which often makes individuals feel free to disclose massive amounts of usable information in recorded interviews to be used in deposition.

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