A Licensed Private Investigations Agency serving Miami Date Hollywood, Hallandale, Fort Lauderdale, Boca Raton, & Palm Beach Florida

The Principal Investigators of Universal Investigations Agency, Inc. in Hollywood, Florida have over 20 years of law enforcement and Military Intelligence gathering experience- and in addition to our full-time personnel, we are part of a worldwide network of private investigative professionals that allow us to leverage the talents of veterans of numerous police departments as well as state and federal organizations, from the FDLE and the NYPD to FBI. Whether you are an individual who has never used the services of a private investigator, or someone the legal, insurance, or business community, we provide actionable intelligence with both a personal and professional touch that ensures your needs are being served. We maintain access to a number of confidential records and databases, as well as satellite tracking programs to bolster our information gathering capabilities. In order to do this, while remaining sensitive to the specific needs of our clients, we work with both male and female private investigators, all of whom have extensive backgrounds in law enforcement or intelligence gathering protocols in the US and abroad.

Universal Investigations Agency, Inc. has certified South Florida crime scene technicians on staff to process any scene or incident. We are available to take fingerprints and compare them to potential suspects, as well as match genetic materials for content or blood type. Universal Investigations also has a surveillance team available that can provide you with video and photographic evidence of any location, subject at large, or crime scene. On numerous occasions, Universal Investigations has been called for private investigations in a crisis management capacity to process a scene where a client does not want to contact the police department.

DNA, urine and/or drug testing is available alongside our other services to any of our clients, whether they are corporations, individuals, or families. Many times corporations or individuals would like employees/ family members tested for drug use to reduce risk or liability; in addition to the standard practices we offer to civil, criminal, wrongful death and child custody cases. We are also available to do handwriting comparisons, Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (electronic bug sweeps), as well as GPS tracking services.